The Trophy

The award ceremony was an annual mega-event, which all businessmen looked forward to. All nursed secret hopes of earning their fifteen minutes of fame, with an award. It was a gargantuan effort to work through the panel of esteemed judges, build lobbies of influence and make it all appear so effortless.

“I just focus on doing my best, and the rest happens”.

His deep-throated voice reverberated through the hall. The audience saw humility in his excellence. The charisma coach had trained him well.

It was just accidental that the daughter of the topmost industrialist had fallen in love with his humble existence, on the business school campus.

(107 words)


Inspired by Sammi Cox at

Weekend Writing Prompt – 9 – Accidental


3 thoughts on “The Trophy

  1. I would have liked to hear this story told from the perspective of the winner, with named characters, to make it more of a personal story than a column in a newspaper. But well done play on the take.

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