Charged Existence

The Master loves to show off her ethereal beauty. He switches on the power supply, that drenches her in a watery shower, illuminated by multi-colored lights. The wow expressions on the faces around her, affirm that she is beautiful. The sharp tremors and vibrations running through her, induced by electric currents, are painful. Yet, she is grateful for those, and counts the number of times it happens.

She does not fish for compliments or sympathy, unlike her menopausal mistress, who complains of electric currents running through her body, while shopping online for anti-ageing beauty products. Perhaps, she secretly envies the antique fountain of beauty, and the admiring glances thrown by her husband at it. He almost makes love to the fountain through his eyes.

She has not experienced ageing, just immobility. It was a hundred years ago, that she was turned to stone by a curse. She has experienced several transformations of outer form, and journeys, till she reached this living room.

The words of her tormentor still ring in her ears,

“I have experienced the pain of unsatiated desire for you. May the currents torture you a thousand times, before you live again!”

There is hope in the currents.



Inspired by 

Sunday Photo Fiction

20 thoughts on “Charged Existence

  1. Aha, now I see why she was counting how many times it happened. I hope she is getting close to 1000 by now, and I wonder what her plans are for what to do when she is freed… Interesting story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The monstrous auctioneer in your story struck a different blow instead of a different note;). Commenting on Blogger is somehow getting difficult for me. Wish you were on WordPress….


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