Facebook Memories is a feature that should be scrapped.

It reminds me of all silly observations made, stupid vows published and resolutions that I never acted upon.

How could I, when life is so fluid, and nothing remains the same in a couple of years?

Then, does it really make sense to plan anything for a long span, when values and priorities are all likely to undergo a shift?

I am happy, as long as the core of my essence is allowed to survive, that’s all!


Inspired by In Other Words, Vow …. at

Patricia’s Place

Images: flickriver.com and lamebook.com

5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. No longer on Facebook so don’t have to face this but I am pretty transparent on my blog. It wouldn’t bother me where I am now as much as it would have when I was young. The core of my essence had little substance when I was young but now it is strong and firmly in place. Soon to enter the seventh decade of life has its benefits. Thanks for sharing…you made me think.

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    1. I agree that we become more authentic, as we age. In mundane matters like food and clothes too, we stick to a defined style/system, rather than experiment too much.


  2. I HATE IT. It has made me want to leave facebook. At the same time every year it reminds me of when my first dog died. Then my second. Then when my daughter had surgery. I tried to turn off the notifications but nope. Every day.

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      1. Well when I originally posted those things there were no facebook memories. Yes, I would like to remember my daughter surviving surgery and my dog’s last days but I would like to choose when I see those things and not be reminded by facebook.


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