In Retrospect

I was trained to tally signatures in my bank job. The best method was to look at the signature upside down. The slants and curves revealed themselves much better. I thought of the technique today, long after quitting the job.

I was in my hometown, and preferred staying in the room, once occupied by my parents. An accidental brush with some papers revealed why I had not received any part of the inheritance. The handwriting expert confirmed,

“Yes, Jim! The signatures on the will are forged”.

I knew why my brother had left the country, after selling my father’s business.


Inspired by Bikurgurl at

100 Word Wednesday #Week 25

9 thoughts on “In Retrospect

  1. What a double crosser! It’s so sad that even in families, betrayal runs so deep. Literally, at the bitter end, many family members lash out, or take advantage of the situation — as in your story — instead of coming together. The plot runs much deeper than these few cursory words; there is another story waiting to be told. Well done as always, Reena. The depth and breadth of your writing transcends the image prompts. Thank you for always joining us and lending your talents to our writing community ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so very welcome ❤ And: Yes 😉 My first name is Kelly 😉 I'm not sure I have identified it on my blog, but I do on Instagram…which is where I post a lot of my day-to-day. As the title suggests, it gives the instant feedback that doesn't always happen with longer writing 😉 Thank you again for always joining us and giving us so much fodder to consider in our writing community!

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