The rich man had spent a large part of his childhood in this park. He helped his father in selling candy, and gazed wistfully at the kids from more prosperous backgrounds having fun, and being pampered by their parents. He could have summarized his childhood in these green structures – of being green with envy.

But the park had given him insights into a better world, and stoked dreams of being rich. He made a few friends there, who became partners in a new business venture. He had never looked back, ever since. Jimmy Boy was now James Hudson, a respected industrialist.

He looked at the smiling figure in a red suit, with a magic wand (that is how he liked to think of it). A kid with bright eyes approached him to buy popcorn, and he instinctively said,

“Popcorn aside. Let us strike a deal. I pay for your education now, and you work with me later.”

It was the green signal to the kid’s future.


Inspired by Priceless Joy at

Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer Challenge

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