The Reversal of Nothing

She : He betrayed my trust.

Me  : Did he ask you to trust him?

She  : No. But I thought he was a good person.

Me    : Did you, at any point of time, find signals to the contrary?

She   : Ummmm… Yes. But I thought it was a mood swing, or a temporary phase. One has to take these things in stride, to nurture a bond.

Me    : Did he ask you to nurture the bond?

She   : Well …. No!

Me    : Then, whatever was happening was in your thoughts. And you made an incorrect judgement.

She pondered over this, for a while.

She  : Maybe … So, you mean to say there was no betrayal of trust.

Me   : No, because the so-called trust was a one-sided affair. What you are cribbing about is a reversal of nothing.


Inspired by

Writing Prompt at MindloveMiserymenagerie – It’s all in the title


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