The Truth? What is that?


The setting is that of a corporate office board room. The voice of the President resounds, while stuffed suits look nonchalantly at some screen, avoiding the gaze of others.

“This slide has the figures that we need to show in the balance sheet, at the end of this quarter, and these are non-negotiable”.

“But, Sir, the market conditions are not favorable”.

“Either generate fresh business, or snatch it from competitors. We have created several new market-first products”.

“There are no takers for it”.

“Put in your papers, if you cannot deliver. We will find people who can do it”.


Scene 2

The board room setting is the same. A few faces have changed. The old faces look stony.

“We have opened half a million new accounts in the last six months. The number of credit cards sold during the same period are ten percent more than that. Cross-sell percentage has moved up by fifty-eight percent”.

“Excellent! You have a bright future here. We need people who can deliver in adverse market conditions”.


Scene 3

The same group is in the same board room, with two new people. Their heads are bent.

“The external audit report says, that the new accounts have not been verified. A majority are new accounts opened by the same customers”.

How does it matter?”,

The sound is menacing, with deliberate stress on each word. Then, the solution …

“Manage the auditor, and increase pressure on the teams on the field. They need to get the verification done, or lose their jobs. We cannot risk our reputation”.

The person on the left side of the presidential chair stutters,

“But the truth is that ……………..”

“The truth? What is that?”



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