Simplicity Paradox

The reader just flows with the thought process ….

Savvy Raj

Are we actually simplifying complexities or complicating simplicity?

Simplicity dwells in the complexity

And complexity is just tangled simplicity

In the designers intelligence

Both dance hand in hand

The meaning we choose to perceive

The connect we choose to establish

The intention we choose to deduce

At a point in time

Can make it irrefutably simple

Or irrefutably complex in the understanding

The Simple truth holds all the complex potential

In an untangled arrangement

The very arrangement is a fodder for imagination

For continuity in ingenuity

In the momentumn of thoughts

The complex gives birth

To new pathways in the patterns

Promoting in the propelling

A curiousity in exploration

Of simplifying the confounding complexities.

History is replete with stories

Of complicating the simple truth

Of the being …in the boggling for answers

In refuting and regelating

Our beautiful ball of blue

This Circle of nature was assumed

Once as square…

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