The boss signals me to take a seat without looking up from the screen, and grunts “Well …….”

Reluctance to listen, weariness with the usual rants/complaints, disinterest in micromanagement is all so transparent in that grunt.

I see and interpret, more than I hear.

He appears to have a counter-attack ready, before I start talking.

As usual, there are no solutions, and this grunt is just a grade above the No Reply to mails and messages.

“Well… maybe some other time, when you are less busy……”, I retreat.


Six Sentence Stories

Image: flickr.com

19 thoughts on “Disinterested

  1. Your six encapsulates the moment succinctly.
    On a side note, the use of the image behind the SSS caught my attention as well. The third and forth lines are centered at the cat’s eye level making it appear that it is the cat speaking at that moment. LOL


  2. I used to attend weekly management meetings that were just like this, everything was decided before the meeting even began, and everyone in attendance knew what topics were forbidden territory. A complete waste of time. I walked out of more than one, totally defeated.

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    1. Women prepare well and reach in time. Men have taken decisions before the meeting, and just communicate it after some meaningless discussions. Decision-making happens before or after work hours, over a drink.


  3. Why is it your sixes often mirror what my day was like? Frustration with a micromanaging boss who doesn’t listen to my input, and then your flash! I feel a bit of stress releasing just from the beauty of synchronicity.

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  4. “I see and interpret, more than I hear.”
    A part of why I participate is to come across writing like this line, direct and simple yet it manages (somehow!) to set off paragraphs of lines in my head/the Reader’s head.
    Nicely done.

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    1. Thank you so much! In stress management workshops, we ask the participants to feel the emotions affecting certain parts of the body, and releasing. This is a case, where certain senses are activated more than others.


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