Does it really matter?

The salt-and-pepper in your hair

does not desist me

from acknowledging

that I still love you.


Love is about acceptance

of the person you are

through all seasons

and rollercoasters of time.


It is not about

how we look

or do for each other.


Quadrille written for

DVerse Quadrille #35


7 thoughts on “Does it really matter?

    1. Gold and silver hair :). There is a ghazal, which goes as follows (translated lines) “Your silver complexion and golden hair …. You are the richest. O fair Maiden, all others are paupers”.

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  1. Good points. Love is not about looks or what we do for each other. Those are objective features. It has something to do with recognizing through empathy the subjectivity of the loved one.

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