Different Takes

The beauty of a clover, which looks like a heart from another angle is perceptible only to an artist. He brings it alive with vivid colors and contrasts it with the calmness of water around it.

A poet sees romance in an isolated spot. What would a couple do on an adventure of this kind?

It takes an engineer’s mind to gather resources to build a house on an island, and connect it to the shore with a road. Does he plan to carry an automobile on the ship?

It takes a businessman to see potential in all of this.


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8 thoughts on “Different Takes

  1. Yes, I agree — it would take the business man to see the beauty in the money generated rather than the beauty of the natural.
    I like the way you presented so many ways to view the picture, woven together into one story.

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  2. The businessmen are always finding a way to scheme, manipulate, and manage every dollar out of every resource. Resonates strongly in these highly stylized times. Thank you so much for joining us every week and writing such poignant stories for us to ponder. 🙂

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