The Voice

Lightning struck the night sky, and a voice thundered

“Your sins have crossed all boundaries. Be prepared to face the consequences…..”

Another small voice from below

“Why did you set boundaries and permit sin, God? There should have been no space.”

“It is the Will of the Lord. Do not challenge the Father, child.”

“My Dad is a poet, and he wrote the lines

One can make a hole in the sky

Use all your power to throw a stone”

Your end is near …..”


A crowd had gathered to watch the street play, with flashlights beaming towards the sky.


In response to Rochelle Wisoff’s Challenge at

Friday Fictioneers


The two poem lines are translated from Dushyant Kumar’s Hindi poem

Kaise aakash mein soorakh nahin ho sakta

Ek patthar to tabiyat se ucchalo yaaro”


40 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. Nice one , u created an awesome atmosphere with this !!
    Do read mine poems too , i hope you will love them !!


  2. Wonderful take on the prompt. Thank you for those lines by Dushyant Kumar. I had not read them before and so decided to google and found another gem. ये जो शहतीर है पलकों पे उठा लो यारो

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  3. That was clever leaving it to the end to tell us it was a street play. I thought I was reading a moral lecture from a religious zealot for a moment! But I should have known better, as you captured the absolute flavour of a street play with all the exaggerated acting that goes with such performances. Well done.

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  4. I liked this in parts and how you infused that fantastic quote. However, I also found it quite confusing. That can happen with this short word length.


  5. Interesting story, Reena. I can just imagine the scene, though it reminds me more of the Bible story and verse ‘…who shall throw the first stone’. For, we all are guilty of sin and who among us is any less to blame. In short, no one is worthy to throw the first stone at another.

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  6. At first, I thought of conversation was a mythical story. Then your last line put all in prospective. Did not expect a street play. Well DONE !!


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