The Underground of Life

She had recurring dreams about this place. At times, it induced a strange feeling of peace. At other times, it was a nightmare that woke her up, drenched in sweat. It impacted her day-to-day functioning, as she lived with that feeling throughout the day.

The therapist had a solution. He asked her to meditate, mentally go back to that place and open the books one by one.

A strange intuition whispered to her …. “This is you. Go ahead, explore the corridor. Open the doors which attract you. Enter the doors from where you hear voices calling out…..”

On that shelf, lay the stories of all her past lives. Some of these stories had other characters, but those were created by her. She was the author of some books, and a reader of others.

She felt the emotions rise and fall through her body. A monitoring device could have captured the physical changes in her. She woke up from her hypnotic state, and expected to see a different person in the mirror. But it was her, with her fingers tapping a keyboard. It took another week to internalize all that she had seen and felt.

A writer was born ……


In response to 

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner by Roger Shipp

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