I woke up with a severe stringing sensation in my eyes. Was it tear gas or chemical warfare? Had the terrorists attacked this normally peaceful township? I wanted to walk out and talk to them, but found myself tied back. What if they attack my daughter sleeping inside? And my old parents may not be able to bear the consequences of confrontation.

The smoke here persists

decades have floated away

we cover faces with a veil

we don’t see the obvious

make destructive choices

What stops the population of this valley from fighting back? Is it narrow self-interest, fear of death or a sympathy with their cause? Do we see them as revolutionaries or dastardly criminals? Our thinking is muddled, and we do not always choose the best path for the larger good. We need to walk out of these smoky illusions, before we rediscover life …..


Haibun (prose sandwich) inspired by Colleen Chesebro at

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge -37

Image: ABC News

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