The hotel building had certainly seen better days.

The metallic finish of the entrance door, and the golden reflections could not compensate for the greyness of the exterior. I saw lights in a few windows, indicating poor occupancy. This is the place we had stayed in, on our honeymoon. We had enjoyed the frolic on the beach opposite the hotel. Perhaps, the saltiness in the breeze had corroded the exterior of the building.

I looked at myself in the hazy mirror. Time had taken its toll in thirty years. The wrinkled face and grey hair belied the authentic beauty, in my unfiltered and un-airbrushed honeymoon pictures. Tom, my husband, suffered from chronic depression, and I failed to escape the impact of his condition. The mourning period after his demise is still on, and I came here to revive and refresh.

I wonder if some architect is talented enough to renovate and restore the structure of the hotel building. Just an idle thought …….


Inspired by Priceless Joy at

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 119th Challenge


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