Colaba Fort, Alibag

Alibag Fort is in midst of the sea, and is usually not approachable during high tides.

Unmindful of the warnings, I walked towards it in the water, and so did my team, on that fateful picnic. On reaching the fort, we realized that there was no going back till the waters recede. The fishermen folk inside were celebrating a festival in the temple courtyard, and offered us a sumptuous lunch for Rs.100/- per head. It seemed like the best deal that we had got in the entire year.

In the evening, we had two kids below 10 years, guide us through the waters, back to the beach. Water touched our neck, and feet were unstable in the slippery sand below. My colleague, Rishi, was chanting aloud some religious hymns.

I yet, can’t forget the sight of him dancing to a catchy number, as soon as our feet touched the shore.


Inspired by Sammi Cox at 

Weekend Writing Prompt #6 Wild

5 thoughts on “Colaba Fort, Alibag

  1. This is awesome.  Havebyou written a book on your own? I have excerpts of books i have written since 2005 but don’t know how to vet then or format them for publication. Any advice?  Blessing Orage 

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