I Failed

I am not an employee, so I cannot resign on moral grounds.

I am the Creator, so I do not know, if it is moral to abandon one’s own creation. But, I confess to having failed.

I got the physics, mathematics, geography and biology right, but I bungled with Chemistry. The model could not predict how humans will REACT – to each other, to situations and to their environment. My protagonists have created History and Social Sciences, that I am not proud of. Economics keeps changing with the manner in which they react to their environment. Languages have managed to define certain concepts, but also manipulate minds in a subversive manner, triggering undesirable reactions.

What is my Plan B? Well, this is actually a fire-fighting tool. I had not planned or provisioned for it.

Call in the Behavior Science experts, to remedy the situation.

Meanwhile, let me document the laws of nature and make them known. They would be accountable and failure to comply will invite punishment. It is the only way to save the project. They have unleashed indiscipline, because they have been allowed to use their own judgement.

Hereafter, only one law shall prevail- that of the larger good.


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  1. Reena, this is over a year that I have been following you, and you have been a constant rock of persistence. You press through. I admire your sheer determination. Even when I disagree with you I like your clarity and purpose. Have a super weekend. Shine the light so that everyone can feel your radiance. 🙂

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