Barbie’s Revenge

I have been accused of being a sex-symbol, a symbol of womens’ subjugation to outdated gender concepts, a model for espousing unrealistic body shapes and so much more.

Cut off my pretty head, and see if the body evokes reactions. It might, as certain sections of the population see a woman as a sum of body parts. I am now carrying a double-edged weapon – an axe at one end, and the barrel of a gun at another. Don’t ask me to explain the mechanics of how it functions. I have not understood how your minds function, but I am now ready to kill.

You created me in the forms of your fantasy, allowed both innocent and barbaric kids to play with me, changed my outfits and form several times, derived your own conclusions, and then wrote me off as a concept that is ‘passe’.

Did I ask for any of it? No. And that was my undoing. That is how I became a symbol of passivity. Hence, I am changing that.

Barbie is now ready to REACT.


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Friday Fortnight Fables by Sheetal Bhardwaj



  1. So how do I get to be charged for ‘being a sex symbol’. Ah those days long ago I did not cherish. Alas, now I wish I got that gravity defying youthful innocence. Bring on the leery glares …hahaha
    Reena, I just could not resist. I’m having a good laugh… 🙂

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