The Garnish

The Harvard graduate had big dreams.

Soon, Smita found herself married to the heir of a business empire. The conservative family supported her dreams to work. She was appointed the VP(Marketing) in the family business. Her dreams started crystallizing, and she wanted to launch new product lines. The plans were submitted for approval to the head of the family.

However, it clashed with the ambitions of a brother-in-law, and she found herself working in Training & Development.

Smita had now joined a small start-up as the co-founder. She was fed up of being the gravy or garnish on the plate.


Inspired by Bikurgurl at

100 Word Wednesday – Week 22

7 thoughts on “The Garnish

  1. I love your using the prompt to tell a story all your own with the ‘garnish’! Ever clever, your stories are always a pleasure to read. Thank you so much for joining us again this week πŸ™‚

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  2. Good luck with the start up, I say to Smita. What I see from this is the frustration reflected by many hard working graduates that are finding it difficult to find satisfying work. Work that challenges their intellect.. Nice story.

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