Saying goodbye can be either an elating experience or sad. But leaving your place of birth, with not a single person to bid goodbye, can be heart-breaking.

Ajanta had decided to leave the village never to return. She had lost her parents in the floods, and was deserted by her fiancé. The villagers accused her of sorcery and witchcraft, and were after her life. She just remembers the dog who had grown up in the village, standing on the river bank, with tearful eyes. It was as if he understood her pain, but could do nothing to help. The boatman had ferried her to the other side, and accepted the fare, all without speaking a single word.

Ajanta had to take up numerous odd jobs in the town for survival. She was now working in a hospital as a nurse. This was the river view from the balcony on the backside of the hospital. It never failed to bring back the pain, all over again.

She made it a point, never to let a patient go, without wishing the person well. She saw them off to the main gate, and bid goodbye with a small flower or chocolate, if possible.


Inspired by 

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner



  1. Sad memories for her, but she did not let them ruin her life. Instead, she was very mindful of others and wanted to help them as much as she could, and let them know someone cared about them. Beautiful story.

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