Facebook Live

I loved the play of light at this spot. It creates illusions of flowing water, the sky and sunshine in that dark forest. A closer inspection revealed a sparkling stream of water flowing through, reflecting the light.

I will have lots of pictures to share on social media, after this trip. There is no connectivity here, fortunately so. Facebook Live cannot work.

The shadows of pain that drove me to this apparently tranquil spot, need not be visible to the outside world. Still photography captures snapshots, not the undulating waves of pain.  Facebook Live scares me. It captures all the paths that the emotions flow through, from my unruly hair to wavering span of vision and quivering lips.

This forest holds several hidden chapters, linked to my origin and that of my ancestors. I carry the burden of their sins, as I am a product of their escapades.

History has been passed off as historical fiction. But my face shows the connections. I am alive, and the saga lives on….


Inspired by 

FFAWC- 118th Challenge

Image: Pamela S. Canepa

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