The Mystery that ruled her Life

The celebrity interior designer was often asked about the significance of this statue placed at the airport, without any enclosures around it. And he just responded with a silent smile.

Namit Tripathi was the son of an Indian father and a German mother. His father was a scientist with a spiritual bent of mind. Namit’s mother had narrated several tales about his father, but she never did tell him the reason for their separation, and why did she choose to bring up her son in Germany. He had wanted to meet his father, but always received a stony silence from his Mom in response.

The question was answered in the hospital, when his mother was breathing her last. His father had disappeared, when she came to Germany for a holiday. Some say that he resides in the Himalayas with some saints. Some say he was on a secret research mission, and never returned. This was the exact spot at the airport, where they had bid goodbye. She came to know about her pregnancy, later.

Her last statement was

“With all his spiritual powers, how did he not know about his unborn son? He is the only man I ever loved.”


Inspired by 

Sunday Photo Fiction

Picture: C E Ayr

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