Do I have a choice?

“How can we do this? This is equivalent to committing a fraud on the customers”, the banker sounded desperate.

“Mr. Singh, we had protected you in the Kachwala case, when the customer filed a suit against the bank”.

“That was an unintentional error on my part, not a premeditated crime”.

“The bank had borne the litigation expenses, and we don’t care about minor details”.

“What if I refuse to take charge of this project”?

“Remember that your career graph is charged to us, and we hold a lien on it”.



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13 thoughts on “Do I have a choice?

  1. A difficult situation to find oneself in – to stand up for what is right or to continue doing what is asked by your employer. Luckily authority flows downward, but accountability flows upward.

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  2. I read most of the comments however no one talks abt dealing with it…can we do something abt it. ..already share tips to handle the situation or linked stress..??


    1. One solution is to quit – find another job, or something else to do. One has to take a financial hit at times, but weigh it against the mental torture of dealing with those monsters.

      Another is to find something with which you can blackmail them, if you have the power to damage their interest.


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