Meeting Fate On the Way

Are you ready for action? The blue yoga pants and the matching shoe laces in the sneakers indicated that style and fitness consciousness had come together in the personality of this beautiful girl.

It did not matter where the same pair of feet had been before. She had trekked in the Himalayas, met a handsome boy, and they said ‘I do’ on the sacred spot. But, the oath turned out to be a ‘till divorce do us part.’

All was not hunky dory with Lily Samson’s life. She regretted making a wrong choice, but looked forward to a better future. And the future demanded that she should not stop moving – walk, run, sprint in a 100 meters or a marathon. Only movement would lead her to the goalpost, nothing more or less than that.

Five years later …

Lily shouts out to her companion and soul mate of two years,

“I am off for a jog. The lil’ one is fast asleep. Keep an eye on her …..”

“Sure, darling!” Phil smiled, “I manage both the dog and baby, while you are away on your business tours. This is only for an hour.”

Life had come together, once again ………


Inspired by

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner

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