No Weaknesses, Only Unmet Expectations

“What exactly does team work mean? Am I abnormal, if I prefer working alone?” asked a management trainee.

“Certainly not. People in a chain have independent tasks cut out for them. It is just that your deliverables need to be in tune with the needs of other stakeholders, so that you do not become a bottleneck.”

“Then, why am I blamed for being too introverted or too independent?”

She has only started her journey, but there are many who face this dilemma throughout their lives. Some very natural personality traits, which do not really harm anyone, are touted as their weakness. Are they less efficient, or just less likeable?

Being introverted does not make one less of a team player. People expect others to fall in line with their individual needs, to fit in with their style of functioning, and those who don’t do so, are given negative labels.


I have had people tell me that they do not check their mailboxes, and I need to talk to them, to bring important issues to their attention. And they said all this, while flaunting their unavailability and ‘busy’ status. They displayed their hollow sense of self further, by adding “Whose need is it to get it pushed/approved?” Sure, mine. But me being a totally digital creature, there were umpteen reminders in their phone messages and mailboxes.


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