Against the stream

There is something about going against the stream. It takes overconfidence, smugness, a couldn’t-care-less or know-all attitude. Or it could take a very high level of self-confidence, and conviction in the path one takes. These two mind-sets are often confused for the another.

The world does not get it right. But that is what the whole attitude is about – not caring what the world thinks of you. And letting them wonder gives a certain amount of satisfaction. The final outcome will decide, if I stand vindicated or condemned forever.

Success or failure

will determine the end

of my self story.

Haibun inspired by Bikurgurl at

100 Word Wednesday

6 thoughts on “Against the stream

  1. Interesting perspective — going against the crowd! I didn’t see that when I posted the image, but I totally see it now 😉 Thank you for leading our writers in this week’s challenge! 🙂

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