I am at the sweetest spot in life – a place where I can learn from mistakes of the past, to build a better future. It is called the Present. It is full of memories, regrets and hopes.

The past appears to be a boulder that has rolled down the valley, which is visible, but beyond my limited means of retrieval. The future is a thin line of smoke in the sky, promising to take me to those dizzying heights. Yet, it could disappear in a flash, like a jet trail. I need to find out where the jet has flown. It is called the Uncertainty of Life.

Where would I be now

without the past and future

The thoughts unhinge me.

Haibun inspired by

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge

Image: unhinged.org

6 thoughts on “Unhinged

  1. Interesting how you described the past as a boulder and the future as a jet trail. This made me think about what my symbols would be for the past and the future. For me, the past is a garden of all seasons; from prickly cacti to wild strawberries that I can revisit as I choose. The future is a flowing, winding river with countless tributaries to choose from in my journey. Time is a puzzle to be solved in the moment. The right piece may be elusive, but eventually one will find it.


  2. Excellent Haibun and discussion of past and future. Well done. I really love how you are sharing all the different forms. Great fun! ❤

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