Riding on a wheel

The prompt

enough salt

The response

“Don’t worry! One can destroy people, things and concepts, while leaving them intact.”

“I can see that. You just promote an antithesis.”

“You are getting it. Paint a thick coat of black over a white surface. I did nothing to peel out the white, but it has no chance of showing up or influencing.”

“Not unless cracks show up in the black.”

“The majority wins. The loudest voice is heard. White specks showing through cracks are just an aberration, or relics of the past that belong to a museum.”

“I get it fully, now. The apocalypse has always been a dream of the righteous. Somehow, the demons have not bothered about it, as they are busy unleashing their version of black on the world.”

“So, where do you see the world going?”

“Turning on a wheel, and it is being reinvented several times over. Those who ride on it will survive, and those who cling to it …..”

“Welcome to the band! You can either join the chorus, or have your voice drowned out.”


Inspired by athling2001 at

JSW Prompt

Image: bbc.co.uk



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