The deal was attractive. Rajeev would be appointed as the next CEO of the company. The equity allocated would be large enough to take care of his retirement.

All he had to do, was raise questions on some strategic decisions taken by his boss, Sumit, and launch a social media campaign against alleged ‘scams’, He would be hailed as a whistle-blower, acting in the national interest. Sumit had failed to appease some political figures, and faced their flak in return. Rajeev very well knew the price to be paid, for not falling in line, and would not dare to go against the powers that mattered.

The masters had laid the chessboard, and planned the moves carefully. Everybody had to act in a certain sequence, and wait for their cue. Rajeev entered the office, from the rear gate, where security was low. He had to download certain information from personal computer systems. The sharp lower edges of the gate, hurt him a wee bit, as he dragged open the gate, lost in thought.

He had failed to anticipate certain moves. Additional cameras had been installed at strategic points, to record his secret activity. It would spell the end of Rajeev’s game.


Inspired by

Sunday Photo Fiction

20 thoughts on “Counter-Moves

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