The Contestant

The smile was perfected with the help of a dentist, just like her body had been chiselled by plastic surgeons, for the upcoming beauty contest.

The model coordinators had chanced upon her, when she accompanied her sister to a college event. They saw potential in her flawless skin, good figure and wide, innocent eyes. The fluttering of her eyelashes could melt many a male heart. And they were happy to find Gigi very receptive to instructions. She would mimic the model trainer, and walk the ramp perfectly.

Gigi was happy with the bright lights, and all the adulation that she was getting. And the people here just patted her cheeks and shoulders, unlike the horrible kids in the neighborhood, who insisted on pulling her ears. Unfortunately, she could not get the long question that the judge asked her. And they looked so intimidating behind the microphones and computer screens. The best option was to smile, as the trainer had dinned into her. A contestant should never forget to be her cheerful best.

That evening, the media was agog with pictures of the moronic smile flashed by one of the contestants. The beauty industry had turned into a veritable cattle market.


Inspired by Saturday’s Mix by Teresa at


Image: Pinterest




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