The uncolored lens

I love the challenge

of going nowhere

just to feel like me

free of expectations,

dreaming unshackled

under the non-judgemental tree.


Are there dangers lurking in there

Predators poised to attack?

I’m sure they’ll run for cover.

A strange smell, the formless eyes

an aura in an unseen color

looking for a watery mirror.


I hope to find myself somewhere

in the anonymity of the jungle,

in the nothingness of existence.

It takes a blank page

to feel the pressure of the pen

and be legible, to an uncolored lens.


Inspired by Sammi Cox at

Weekend Writing Prompt-2


2 thoughts on “The uncolored lens

  1. Thanks for joining in with the weekend writing prompt. This is such a lovely poem. The opening lines are fantastic “I love the challenge / of going nowhere”. Have a great weekend 🙂


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