The Divide

“Do you serve beef and pork out here?”

“Yes, Ma’m. What would you prefer?”

“I need to find another place to eat.”

The young Lisa had watched the Indian girl walk out of the diner. She silently watched that the black Mary Jane was ignored, and served in the end. It was 1987, and apartheid was very much alive in South Africa.

Lisa Jones was the Head of Diversity & Inclusion in Mallory International, today. The trip she took in 1987 had changed her life. She had learnt that skin color, and the texture of meat could divide a population.


Inspired by Rochelle Wisoff at

Friday Fictioneers



  1. Sadly, you are correct. We, as humans, always seem to want to categorize people into ‘groups’, mostly so that we can find someway to make ourselves seem better. Thank you for the wonderful write. 🙂

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  2. Divisions are present thoughout history and the world today. How we tackle them says a lot about who we are.


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