Reflections on Choice

Yes. It happened again. I should have seen it coming, but hope blinds me every time I repeat the act.

I adored my father for the love that he showered on me, for the values that he espoused. I could not respect a person who was not honest, straightforward and kind like my father was. Except for that one behavioral trait of his – he placed his parents on a pedestal, worshipped them, and did not support anyone who opposed them. Devotion to his parents was not a bad thing, except that it left my mother unhappy and unheard at several points.

As I drive towards the court, I realize that I could not take a part of a man. I am unable to say – I will take this 70 percent that I like about you, but not the remaining 30 percent. People come in whole packages, not in parts. Your inability to change, and my inability to digest certain parts destroyed a good life.

I kept looking for replicas of my father, and landed my life in a mess.


Inspired by Athling2001 at

JSW Prompt 5-15-2017

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