Devoid of Color

News channels carry the story of a celebrity singer, who sang on the streets in anonymity, covering himself in a shawl, and earned Rs.12/- in five hours. He humbly acknowledged the people, the orchestra, the lavish sets and the media machinery that make him a star. Else, the same songs could get him a measly amount of twelve rupees.

What happens when life is devoid of all color? What happens when life is back to the basics – of food, shelter, health and survival?

I wonder if retirement is shadowing my thoughts. I have  looked forward to an unshackled life, where I could devote time to what I love doing – painting, writing, playing with my pets, volunteering for a cause and arguing with my spouse.

I look again at the picture on the easel, and pull out my palette – to paint the flowers with fresh colors of spring.

(147 words)


Inspired by Priceless Joy at

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge


26 thoughts on “Devoid of Color

    1. It can. I once made a remark about something that it would spur my parents-in-law to start ‘fighting’. Their 6 year old NRI granddaughter responded in all earnestness “They are not fighting, just shouting at each other”. 🙂 Perhaps, in her view, fighting meant ‘coming to fisticuffs’, and they were actually quite civil.


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