A frozen moment in time, given a solid form, by a sculptor beckons. This is not the work of a high-resolution, high-precision camera. It is a snapshot in time, as the sculptor imagined and interpreted that moment. And this is the case with every work of art.

“What, then, is immortal? The subject of art, or the artist?” Sasha wondered aloud.

“A story is different every time I tell it. And so is this sculpture. A bit of me, and my thoughts get injected into that lifeless form.”

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And so did Mahamaya appear for Sasha. He looked at her exotic presence – a clear and sharp voice, a glimpse of the hand and face, and the flowing robe which took away the shape of her body. Her body was the imagination of the viewer, than the reality behind the robe.


He was getting the point. She continued speaking,

“If all the body parts were replaceable, there will be no logical reason for Death. All living beings would be immortal. And so are ideas — as long as they are examined afresh, renewed and reinvigorated, every time a thinker visits them. That is immortality.”


Inspired by

Sunday Photo Fiction

Coverpic:    Sally Ann Hidgekiss

Other pic :

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