The Last Trade

She traded her freedom for the social security her husband provided. She accepted subjugation for the wealth that her children would inherit.

She had mastered the art of silent manipulation. She would not eat till her husband came home, just to draw him homewards. She pampered her own spoilt brats, so they would look after her in her old age.

She wanted to write, paint and find channels of expression for her creativity. The family saw it as an insane whim, beyond her perceived capability.

She walked out, giving up everything. It was the last trade to pamper herself.

(99 words)


Inspired by the Flash Fiction Challenge at

Carrot Ranch Communications


12 thoughts on “The Last Trade

  1. It’s so true, Reena. For every choice we make in life, we trade something else. Whether the trade is the right one can not always be seen until the future.


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