What if?

What if

I was not responsible for another’s happiness

I was not accountable for the choices I made.

And I lived life for my own joy?


What if

I was a cloud floating around

In search of my horizon

Where the end was imminent

But a joyful existence left behind.

And I was happy about a life well-lived?


What if

I could float back in time, and find no regrets.

I could glide into my future, with no expectations.

I could give away all that I had,

Without being accountable or obliged to do so?


What if

I was unbound

I was weightless energy

Infinite and unfathomable.

I could drive a Time Machine

And step off the accelerator at will?


What if

Only if ….

Existence was pure joy

And we knew what it meant?


Poem published in Compendium in May’16



Linked to Tale Weaver #119 at 


Pic: elitetrack.com



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