The Business

This used to be an Intellectuals Café.

She was always ready with an endless supply of coffee and cake. The green lawn, and the yellow sunshine did the rest to stimulate creativity. Conversations streamed through the day, penetrating minds. Some of those had an indelible impact, changing life forever. It was only that shift in perspective, that change of mind-set, the adjustment of the sails which could navigate one through choppy waters in love and life. And the abundance was so free flowing and easily available.

She was unable to recall the exact point, when the numbers started dropping. Was it that argument between Ruth and Betsy, the break-up of Peter and Marianne or the young left-wing politician hosting meets in the Town Hall? The business of life was getting larger than ideas. Creativity could not meet the challenges of survival.

Her kitchen was less busy, and so was the publishing business she owned. Life was at an all-time low.

(160 words)



Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Challenge of May 9



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