The Device

She faced an angry Jim in the parking lot.

“If you don’t care, I don’t care either. Bye, and good luck!”

He drove away before she could explain. Now, would it be alright to follow him to his pad, or will that appear obsessive?

It was the third day of no contacts with the outside world. She was not marooned on an island, or retreated into an ashram. It was not a self-imposed exile, after a row with the boyfriend or boss, either. It was just that her phone had crashed, and reinstalling the software was taking time.

Maybe, Jim had called or sent a message, and was upset about not receiving a response. He was not a bad guy, just short-tempered, and she did not want to lose him. She wondered how many other people had tried to contact? Had she missed out on Head Office or recruiter calls?

She got into the car, and opened her laptop. But, misfortune followed. Connectivity was poor in the basement parking. She walked back to the office, to send out a mail, about her phone crash.

A forward mail awaited her.

“Please take care of that device. It holds all your relationships.”


Inspired by

Sunday Photo Fiction

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