The Unborn Child

He had achieved his target for the month, and hoped to be rewarded. Somehow, the mental images of grieving people and dark, dreary funerals pulled him down, to dilute the sense of victory.

He decided to take a contemplative break. Driving through the clouds had not been easy, and some of those desperate souls kept howling and begging to return back. Nobody had ever returned in the same  form.

This was the Soul Warehouse, where beings had to stay and prepare for their future journey. Yamdoot looked at them pityingly. He hoped that they would accept reality – of having to return to this place again and again. The only option was to bury memories in the cloudy oblivion, and work at discovering the light within. It would propel them forward.

Just then, his device beeped with a message from the Boss. The body of Lily Mathews was lying comatose on the hospital bed, and she had to be driven back there. She had appealed for the life of her yet unborn child. Motherhood was a greater force than Death.

And he was warned to take care, where there were two souls residing in a single body. Increments and incentives lost….


Inspired by

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – Week 18



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