The Abortion Law

She entered Nepean District Hospital again, with a firm resolve. She will terminate this pregnancy.

No other child will have an unhappy mother, and lead the miserable life which she had led. A whining, complaining mother blaming others for her plight is the biggest scar on a sane person’s psyche. It affects all relationships.

She glanced at the memorial page for her mother, hosted by the funeral service.

Sandra Crook

Born on 11 January 1946
Passed away in Nepean District Hospital on 13 March 2017
Late of Werrington
Aged 71 years


Abortion was not legal in her state before 1973.


Inspired by Rochelle Wisoff at

Friday Fictioneers

Pic: Sandra Crook



  1. An extremely sad story, Reena. My mother had Alzheimer’s and my husband was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder but even if I’d known before I gave birth I could have never had an abortion. I have two beautiful children. Life is too precious. Anyone with depression needs to get counseling, and perhaps later medication, not an abortion. Good writing. —- Suzanne

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      1. I had a discussion recently with a friend who said he thought all the problems could be solved if we all spoke the same language. But using the same words does not ensure that we all see things the same. As the cliché goes, we all do not have the same heart.
        I feel it is more important to have the conversation, to acknowledge different view points, and respect them rather than dismiss them.

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  2. Wish we had the same law still and saved the many babies.
    I understand the plight of ghe mother and baby’s plight too, but wouldn’t excuse abortion!
    Btw, I went through a similar situation when I became pregnant with my third baby, 6 years after the second one.
    I was tempted to do so, but didn’t. Gave birth to our second son, who actually proved to be the key to many breakthroughs in my/our life.
    So I can console the state but nit condone the act. Sorry!

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  3. Oh, how I hated to like this one. I hate the killing of babies. In order to save the life of my unborn son, I left my home, my country, gave birth to him in the middle of the street in a foreign land, then adopted him to a distant cousin to raise. This story reminded me of that time in my life and just how terrifying that decision was. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a moment. My Son lived to adulthood, knew me, loved me for my decision. Life is to precious to destroy.

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