The Log Cabin

Leila returned to that small town, on receiving a letter from Peter’s lawyer. Peter had passed away last week, and had left a small inheritance in her name.

She had left him twenty years ago, to build an acting career in the city. She had achieved moderate success, and the amount of inheritance did not mean much to her. However, the place had brought back memories of a life she had given up, and she walked around the place to see the changes. The next generation had taken over, and there were signs of modernization.

She walked into the room built on Peter’s farm, and stood motionless, for a few seconds. It was stocked with logs of wood. He had promised to build a log cabin for them, in the countryside.

A dream had died with him. And the three homes that she owned could not compensate for that.

She walked with leaden feet towards his tomb in the graveyard.


Inspired by FFFAW Challenge- Week 52

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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