When we follow the rules, but others don’t

I came across an eight-year old kid, Sunny, who came home, storming with rage. He flung his bag with unprecedented force on the sofa, then kicked his shoes off to fall in the middle of the room. He was clearly disturbed about something.

A gentle probe after he had freshened up and eaten, revealed the story of an unsavoury incident in school. He saw a boy twirling the pigtails of a girl, which she did not appear to like. Our knight-in-shining-armor came to her rescue and bashed up the errant boy. In retaliation, Sunny was abused and blamed for arrogance, ‘being the son of a bureaucrat’.

Sunny’s outpour was on the following lines:

“You taught me that girls should be respected. But, girls (angry gesture)! She did not even bother to say Thank You. And the teacher just told us not to create a ruckus in the class. I WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING! I am not a hooligan to be thrashed. What is wrong in being the son of a bureaucrat?”

Sunny is not an unruly brat, but felt his light being dimmed. His expectations from the world had not been met. At home, he was taught to follow a certain value system, but the response from the world outside was not encouraging. His gallantry did not receive a positive response, to ensure reinforcement of the values.

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