Freedom is intoxicating. Freedom is the elixir of life. Freedom is non-negotiable.

I set my eyes on this place, and a sudden realization dawned – of being anchorless, unbound and dare I say, unloved? Was freedom the price that one had to pay for being loved? For having someone wait for you to return home? We are born alone, and we die alone. One should always be ready to say goodbye, without regret or rancour, without fear or fervour, without expectations.

Where do I anchor

My footloose, fancy free soul

wondered aloud

the rudderless wanderer

is that home for the homeless?

(100 words)

Haibun inspired by Bikurgurl

100 Word Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Freedom

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  2. “Was freedom the price one had to pay to be loved?” Being loved is worth some sacrifice in freedom. But loving and being loved allows me freedom(s) I am surprised to find. For instance, being loved allows me the freedom from searching for that love.

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