The Iconoclast



torn into several pieces

reflections galore.


That piece of fiction

which can tear the soul apart

beckons from afar.

Reality that binds

with opposing perspectives.


I loved magic mirrors as a child. The grotesqueness made me laugh at absurdities, not wince at their ugliness. As I grew up, mirrors in hotels, trial rooms and beauty salons tricked me with their light and distance settings. I believed that I was beautiful.

Today, the jagged edges of broken glass pierce my soul – tearing it apart. Unconnected pieces of reality do not add up to a whole. The silver coating behind the glass has disappeared. All that I see is the horrifying contrast – between what I wanted to be, and what I have turned out to be. I wish I could present the blinding brightness of authenticity to the world, without the silver lining, and the filtering prisms.


magic mirrors that cut through

outer impressions.

Inspired by 

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge – Tanka Tuesday


9 thoughts on “The Iconoclast

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