This was Table no.19 in the college cafeteria, with the paper cups on a tacky table cloth. The occupants were young and brimming with ideas. They fell in love with the intellectual vibrancy, and wavelengths that matched.

Circa 2017, they had migrated to the finest china and exotic cuisines on reserved tables, in upmarket restaurants. Etiquette coaches and style consultants were hired, to present their success to the world, on an appropriate platform. She was not permitted to say or do anything, which could hurt her husband’s business interest or personal brand. Caesar’s wife always had to be above board.

Helen longed for the same mental connect, tuning in to the other’s thoughts, and completing each other’s unspoken sentences. The irony being that the partner had not changed, only the life settings. Or did the partners change? They were now married to wealth.

(143 words)


Inspired by Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer Challenge

FFAWC- 112th Challenge

Picture: Dawn Miller

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