The poet had always been inexorably drawn to this place.

He wondered if the water was happy, in being contained by the shore. It exerted itself, hitting hard against the shore, and managed to change the shape of shorelines. The water was still channelized to take a particular route in a different way. The lunar forces imposed high and low tides, not necessarily in consonance with the water. A tsunami in its deep belly could send it helter-skelter, inflicting unintended damage. There is always a higher force controlling it.

The sky offered immense peace, with its limitlessness. It represented the potential of creativity for him. His actual creativity was constantly challenged by different formats and conventions of writing, but was channelized in the process. He would be the canal that reaches the river, the river that meets the sea, the sea that combines its vastness with the higher force of the ocean. Someday, he would be standing at the horizon, wondering where the starting point of his journey lay. He may have lost his identity in the process, but enriched and transformed the world as a whole. Just like the water, that changes its properties several times, but nurtures life.


Inspired by Thursday Photo Prompt by Sue Vincent #shore #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt – Shore #writephoto

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