The Prison of Life

Do they really sleep at night? Are they not haunted by the memory of their victims’ helplessness? Or do they reach a calm state after settling scores with an enemy, with the satisfaction of having dispensed justice? Each criminal is settling a score — against poverty, injustice or the system that failed to educate him/her on the laws of peaceful existence. The system punishes them for their sense of entitlement, lack of empathy and ethics. It is a battle of mind-sets, fought with different strategies.

Is ‘free will’ really free? Can it negate the rights of others? We cannot escape from the responsibility to maintain the entire structure, or deny the ‘embeddedness’ of our being in the structure. Every thought or act impacts a part of the world.

Umbilical cords

deny the myth of free will.

I am entangled

and will remain so, till I

learn to live in a vacuum.

Haibun inspired by Weekly Writing Prompt-85 at


4 thoughts on “The Prison of Life

  1. I loved this. The competition between free will and some higher sovereignty is a battle that has raged in all our minds through the ages. There is no vaccuum. There is however sovereignty and free will working in tandem somehow to create this universe. We are free and bound all at once.

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