Beyond Beauty (Freku)

She was stalked on the streets

and she wanted to hide behind a veil.

She questioned the mirror in solitude

Her reflection was turning pale.


Gripped by revulsion and fear,

she felt trapped in a cage

They ‘desired’ to do ‘things’ to her

she only prayed to be average.


The pain poured out through her pen

in stories wild, and then, free verse.

Her personality found expression

Beauty was no longer a curse.


Beyond the realms of physicality,

flew unfettered imagination.

fearless in private confines

blossomed unchained ambition.


She is still ‘followed’ by hordes

on social media, and for autographs.

She tilts her head with pride

and smiles, confidently for photographs.

She found herself

not just her face and mind

Life is beautiful.

Freku inspired by Ronovanwrites #Weekly#Haiku#Poetry#Prompt#Challenge#145




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