The Dragon Boss

The enmeshed gears of the clock had all jumped out, just as her stomach churned with revulsion. She was still recovering from the boss’s lascivious manner, and the touch of his hand on her shoulder.

She needed the job, at least for a few months, till her husband’s business settled down. Ryan Smith, popularly known as the Dragon Boss had recently taken charge of the town office. He had found loopholes in the working of every employee, and threatened them, that they continued in the job at his mercy. She found his working style more like an octopus, who gripped people with multiple tentacles, making their exit difficult. And women were a special target for well-known reasons.

Julia, the lawyer working with the Women’s cell had informed her of several cases of sexual harassment against him, in the previous organization. She was rallying around witnesses who would testify against him. The Women’s Cell was funding activists, and Julia had offered to help her in getting the required financial resources to fight.

The dragon’s red eyes looked less fierce, and wings a little frail, as she walked back into the office after lunch. Her future path was laid out for her.

(200 words)

Inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction at

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